Yinz Guhyz Podcast 11: GoT Season 8 Episode 4

By Vince May 10, 2019
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GoT Season 8 Episode 4 time! In this episode of YGP we discuss at length “The Last of the Starks”. As a result, hope for the last 2 episodes is nonexistent.

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In this episode we discuss the events of the 4th episode of the 8th season of GoT. Ya know, ‘member The Last of the Starks? I wish I could forget too.

Enjoy that one?

Here’s a link to last episode where we went over the third episode of the season!

And here’s one to our first GoT episode where we discussed what we thought might happen this season!

For your reading pleasure, I have subsequently included a portion of the script I initially used for the introduction of the episode! If you plan to listen to the episode but want to read this instead of hearing me say it with different language, by all means go right ahead. I’m including it here for SEO reasons, or in other words, so people can more easily find our content through search engines.

Welcome to our GoT Season 8 Episode 4 Recap

Thanks for comin through. We have here for ya our takes on GoT Season 8 Episode 4: The Last of the Starks. This episode was blatantly horrible. It was ridiculous, absurd, and heartbreaking. Everything the show had previously established in terms of battle consistency and intelligence are out the window now.

They dropped the ball. In fact I’ve come to the sad realization that the ball was never even in their hands in the first place. Like, George has that ball somewhere, and I really hope he dunks on em in his next book.

Meanwhile, it’s looking like I might have to start calling these episodes “the place we come to cry about how they’ve made this show lame now”.

Surprisingly, the extent to which they just murdered my will to like the show portion of GoT is at an all time high. For example, Jon didn’t even pet Ghost goodbye and I’ll never be happy about that no matter what David Nutter says about it.

On the other hand, this show was always supposed to be more than simply eye candy.

Won’t get to into it here (We do in the episode!) but as a result of the show creators uninspired efforts so far, I am keenly aware this season of GoT is never going to live up to any of the expectations I had going into it.

Thank you for listening to our takes on GoT Season 8 Episode 4! We hope you have enjoyed it.

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Avatar of David B Nadler
David B Nadler
Posted 1 year ago

Good stuff guhyz

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Avatar of Vince
Posted 1 year ago

hey thanks there bud

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Avatar of Laura
Posted 1 year ago

This was great... curious to hear the next one... I hated S8 E5. I agree with most everything yinzguhyz had to say about S8 E4!

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Avatar of Vince
Posted 1 year ago

hey glad to hear it! should be up on Friday! :)

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Avatar of Will Swanson
Will Swanson
Posted 1 year ago

I loved me those e5 pyrotechnics, looking forward to the podcast!

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